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- FIT 2009 -

June 14-27, 2009, Novi Sad

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A practical introduction to 3D interactive graphics with the X3D language

Roberto Ranon


Recent progresses in interactive 3D graphics enable the creation of rich, high fidelity virtual worlds which can be used for entertainment, learning, collaboration, and visualization of information, through a variety of devices, including mobile ones.

In this pratical course, students will be introduced to the world of interactive 3D graphics, learning the basics of how it works (e.g., rendering cycle, scene graphs, geometry representation, illumination, textures) and how to create interactive 3D content using the ISO standard eXtensible 3D graphics (X3D) language.

X3D is a XML-based technology which integrates 3D graphics, 2D graphics, text, and multimedia into a coherent model, and combines them with scripting languages and network capabilities, allowing the creation of virtual worlds that can be experienced through the Web and integrate with various Web
technologies, such as Ajax. The course, for reasons of time, will not cover the entire language, but provide a solid introduction to most of its parts.