Foundations of Information Technologies

- FIT 2009 -

June 14-27, 2009, Novi Sad

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Overlay and P2P networks


Luigi Liquori





Since the early days of the internet, from the email to the Web, the client-server architecture has been used for data transfer. However, in a few years, the peer-to-peer architecture has changed our way to share information. At the present time, peer-to-peer communications account for between 60% to 90% of the internet traffic. The peer-to-peer architecture deployment has followed a rare model in the history of the internet. Whereas, most of the time, even the smallest improvement requires years of academic evaluations and experimentations, before a real large scale deployment, peer-to-peer systems were deployed at large scale based on an empirical process. The understanding of these new systems is fundamental today for anybody who wants to work in an area related to networking.

OBJECTIVES : Get the foundations to understand P2P systems and to work autonomously on such systems.


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