Foundations of Information Technologies

- FIT 2009 -

June 14-27, 2009, Novi Sad

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 Friday, June 26th, Schedule.

  1.1 Artificial Vision


     *    Stefana Janićijević Borka and Radovan Obradović,

           Developing Diferent Skin Detection Algorithms and

           Defining Data Fusion Mechanism for the Integration

           of the Scores.


     *    Miloš Milovanović and Uroš Popović

           Rectification of Stereo Images.


     *    Petar Jovanović,

           People detection techniques for the segmentation of

           person inside infrared images.


     1.2 Interactive 3D Graphics


     *    Sanja Roksandić and Marija Borisov,

           Reflection of an Object in a Mirror.


     *     Adela Crnišanin and Tatjana Jakšić,

           Interactive X3D Graphic.


     *     Dragan Knežević and Vesna Stojaković,

           X3D shadow analysis.


     *     Darko Drakulić,        

            Design of a (non-working) prototype for a new 3D

            interface to a Web image search service (e.g. Google Images).


     *     Giogio Bacci,

           Casting (fake) shadows in X3D.


     2.1 Semantics of Programming Languages


     *    Jovan Radak, Ivan Sovilj-Nikić and Aleksandar Milenković

           Denotational Semantics for a repeat command.


     *    Giogio Bacci and Davide Grohmann,

           A bialgebraic semantics for natural numbers in positional notation.


     2.2 Rewriting


     *    Petar Maksimović and Radovan Obradović,

          Synthesis of Polynomial Interpretations.


     *    Teodora Petrović, Nikola Kuzmanović and Milan Bjelica,

          About Maude.